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Job advice from National SPJ

Dear Friends,

Last month I wrote that I would inform you of several resources for finding
internships, jobs and scholarships. I hope you find this useful. If you have
any additions, feel free to e-mail me at, or message the
listserv directly at

It is a pleasure to serve you. Stay in touch about your successes.


Adrian G. Uribarri
National Campus Representative

The Careers in Newspapers page comes to you from the American Society of Newspaper Editors, an elite group of the
nation's press leaders. It has a CareerBank, internship search, ASNE's job
fair schedule and advice articles. A great opportunity for students is
working for The ASNE Reporter, which runs during the April convention and gets you face time with the movers and

Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism has an excellent Career
page. The advice resources are all top-notch, but among the most unique is Arlene Morgan's A-List Newspapers, a review of the former recruiter's favorite places to work. With links and insightful background information, the list goes beyond statistics and into
the heart of what matters: quality.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting Jobline is a must-visit for anyone interested in public journalism. TV, radio and
business-side positions can be sorted by state, and links to other public
radio providers' job sites are right next to the general listings.

Among the richest Web sites for career and internship advice is The Journalist's Road to Success,
published by the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund. My favorite section is Jobs, Internships, Scholarships & Groups, where you can find an exhaustive list of work and scholarship programs. If you're a minority looking for internships, this site is especially helpful.

The Gannett News Job Opportunities page lists lots of jobs in lots of cities for the most profitable company in newspapers. If you don't mind working for a shareholder-centric, bottom-line company, go here. Gannett's flagship publication is the circulation-leading USA Today.

If there's one Web site recruiters go to when they're looking to post a job,
it's But the site is
good for more than job listings. You can find links to
internships, fellowships, career articles and media salaries. It's kind of a one-stop
shop for job-hunting, job-switching and job-maintaining. is a lot like, but it has a strong minority angle and lacks some of the
useful articles of the larger site. If you want to get the most out of this
site, you have to register (free). Visit it often if only for the front-page
listings--often for business reporting and editing positions.

So you've got a few extra bucks and a clear weekend. What do you do but
study journalism? If you fancy the plan, visit,
a Web site published by ours truly, the Society of Professional Journalists. It's a comprehensive listing of seminars and courses pros tend to love. Get a head start on 'em and you'll impress recruiters.

If the legend of the "Missouri Mafia" is true, you've got competition in the
well-connected Journalism Career Center of the University of Missouri-Columbia's highly ranked School
of Journalism. Graduates of this program often go right back to their alma mater for future hires, and the job list is free range if you can crack the close-knit network.

The New York Times Company is sorta possessive about its jobs listings, so
if you're looking to work at the Times, Boston Globe or one of the company's
regional newspapers, you're going to want to look at its Job Search. It's pretty useful: You can sort jobs by specialty, state, organization or just type in keywords. Once you're in, you can submit your resume online and cross your fingers.

Journalism at New York University's Internship Listing is about as complete as they come. I'm not sure who they hired to get all these listings, but someone did a good job. Each internship has its own info link and is listed according to the most crucial of criteria: the deadline.

Well, Gannett did one at least one thing right for journalism--aside from
buying my college's auditorium: host Joe Grimm's Newspaper
JobsPage. Columbia's Arlene Morgan herself calls Grimm the "best recruiter in the newspaper business," and for good reason. Grimm has compiled what is simply the most thoughtful, useful and personal diary of how good journalists get jobs. If you want to understand recruiters and get them to love you, do not pass this up.

The National Diversity Newspaper Job Bank is a
free, registration-only list put out by Morris Communications, specifically
its Florida Times-Union, and the Newspaper Association of America. It's an
established go-to, but the catch is you must submit a resume to surf the
boards (forgive the pun).

The Poynter Insitute is the non-profit home of Romenesko, the scholarly arm of the St. Petersburg Times and the back-to-school creme
of mid-careerists. If you want to know what's up in the journalism world, or
what's next, visit its home page often. If you want
a long list of cool resources, check out its Journalism Job
. is a specialized job board for broadcasters. It offers primarily commercial opportunities, so go back to the CPB Jobline if you're interested in low frequencies.

The University of California-Berkeley's got a J-Jobs board similar to
Missouri's. It's current and varied, ranging from professional opportunities on both coasts to academic positions at a bunch of universities--not that we're planning on a campus return just yet.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Internship notice from Dr. George Sylvie

2006 BPEF Internship Program Update



As you know, genuine hands-on experience outside the classroom is critical
for the development of students interested in journalism and publishing. As
your students begin to consider the internship opportunities available to
them, we hope you will encourage them to apply to American Business Media's
2006 Business Press Educational Foundation Internship Program (BPEF). The
BPEF program was established 21 years ago as a means to expose talented
college students interested journalism, media, communications and
publishing to the variety of career opportunities available in the business
media industry.

ABM has more than 280 members who publish a variety of publications and
operate Web sites, online publications and produce trade shows and
in-person events. Last year the BPEF Program placed 37 students in
full-time paid internships with business media companies; six of these
students were hired full time following their internships. In this, our
centennial year, our goal is to broaden the reach of the BPEF Program to
schools around the US to meet the growing demand for talented b-to-b media

As ABM is a non-profit association with limited resources, we ask that you
assist our efforts to match qualified students with internship
opportunities by forwarding this message to internship coordinators or the
appropriate career service representatives at your school, university or
department. Because of faculty position changes, if you have received this
in error, we ask that you kindly forward it to the appropriate faculty by
clicking 'Forward e-mail' at the bottom of this page.

An interactive BPEF Web site will go live in February, making it easier to
download and submit applications, learn more about the program, hear
testimony from former BPEF interns now working with business media
companies, and review 2006 internship opportunities.

Here is information about the 2006 BPEF Internship Program requirements and access the 2006 application forms.

We encourage you to share this information with your students and feel free
to forward it to other faculty members, students or companies. The deadline
for student applications to be e-mailed, faxed or postmarked and mailed to
this office is Tuesday, February 21, 2006. More details about program
requirements are available by clicking the link above.

Best regards,

Mark Flythe
Coordinator, Committees & Councils
American Business Media
675 3rd Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10017
212.661.6360 ext. 3326

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Welcome back!

Hi SPJers,

Welcome back from Winter break. I hope everyone enjoys their classes this semester. If you have time, drop a line reviewing your journalism classes/professors.

Dr. Sylvie sent me a notice today about jobs with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Looking for a broadcast job?


Responsibilities include gather, report, and
anchor news for assigned newscasts. Must have
strong verbal and written skills and be able to
handle deadlines. Must be a self-starter and
ability to maintain regular and predictable
attendance. Degree in related field is preferred
but not required. Valid driver’s license and
social security card required. Send Tapes and
Resumes to KFDA-TV, Attn: Reporter Job Ad, is PO
Box 10 Amarillo, TX 79105. EOE.


COXnet internships

This notice is from Prof. George Sylvie:

>The following paid internships are available throughout 2006 with COXnet,
>a division of Cox Newspapers, Inc.:
>Web Programmer
>Project Coordinator
>Web Producer
>Web Designer
>Print Copy Editor
>Print Page Designer
>Software Quality Assurance Analyst
>Front End Web Developer
View complete internship descriptions
>Submit resumes via email to

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