Sunday, November 13, 2005


Has anyone taken RTF courses?

I'm thinking of dropping a class and taking RTF 317, Narrative Strategies. Does anyone know anything about the class?

I've taken a few RTF courses, but nothing too advanced. Every one was worth it. If your other class is lame or just not that interesting, I'd definitely suggest tagging the RTF course.
Sweet! Thanks. The thing that appeals to me about this one is there's a movie screening once per week.

Watching movies for class seems pretty cool.
I'm taking that class next semester as well. Teresa Thomas recomended it- but I don't really know that much about it either.
I talked to Lindsay Meeks, who is a double major with RTF and journalism. She was also an SPJ officer last year. Lindsay said she really enjoyed the class. We'll learn everything about film theory...

I mainly want to take the class because I'll be working with video a lot once I get a job as a multimedia journalist. I want to learn how to make video compelling!

Lindsay said I'll definitely learn that, so I'm happy. I just hope there's still spots available in the class when adds/drops come up on Dec. 9.
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