Thursday, November 03, 2005


Story idea--any takers?

So, I'm pretty pissed about UT shuttles recently. Seems like this year the service hasn't been too great. Buses that are always late are my biggest concern.

I worked on stories last year about the problematic negotiations between shuttle drivers and their employer, ATC/Vancom of Texas. Capital Metro contracted that company to run the UT shuttles.

But in a bidding session around the beginning of summer, ATC/Vancom lost a bid for the shuttles. Now a different company is in charge--First Transit.

I'd really like to see a story about how First Transit is doing during their first year of running the UT shuttles. I'm not too happy with them, and I bet there are other students like me.

I don't have time to write this story, but I'd really like someone to investigate! Any takers?

Yeah, the buses have been terrible this year. Even when the drivers are on time, they take different routes every hour because of construction and/or random adjustment. Plus, the drivers like to floor it then slam the brakes way too often--especially when the West Campus bus is packed full.
I've noticed that too! Each driver has his own quirky action that is usually super annoying. One Crossing Place driver always makes long announcements on the PA right before we get home. And I think I know the brake-happy guy you're talking about.

I wish someone would write about it in the Texan! Then maybe they'd do something to improve the service...
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