Thursday, November 17, 2005


This should make everyone happy

The report is in! Those of us who graduate in December or May have a good chance of getting a good paying job.

The Cox Center, a research unit at the University of Georgia, released their annual survey on Journalism and Mass Communications. I think you'll be most interested in the Summary of 2004 Graduate Survey Results. Don't have time to read? Here are my favorite excerpts.

For the first time since 2000, the percentage of journalism and mass communication bachelor’s degree recipients who had at least one job offer on graduation increased over a year earlier, as did the average number of job offers graduates had.

Salaries earned by journalism and mass communication bachelor’s degree recipients increased markedly in 2004, with the median standing at $27,800. In current dollars, the salary earned by the 2004 graduates is the highest ever received, surpassing the old top salary of $26,988 earned by 2000 graduates.

One in five of the graduates with a job is writing and editing for the web and about one in 20 is designing and building web pages.

Thank God.
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