Friday, December 02, 2005


Newspaper Web designer needed

I got this from Prof. George Sylvie:

>To: George Sylvie
>Thanks George. ... However, we do have a need for a "techie" type person,
>but I'm not sure your department produces those. We just lost our
>production manager after 26 years. She served as our Macintosh system
>administrator, placed ads on pages, designed ads, etc. If you know of
>anyone who loves computer technology, especially Apple, please tell them
>we're looking.
>Thank you.
>Christopher F. Barbee
>Managing Editor
>El Campo Leader-News
>P.O. Box 1180
>El Campo, TX 77437
>(979) 543-3363
>(979) 543-0097 - Fax

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