Friday, April 07, 2006


Be an SPJ Officer!

Dear SPJ members,

Application are now available to be an officer for 2006-2007. Please go to to complete the application and send it to either as a word document attachment or cut and paste it directly into the e-mail. The deadline is April 24.

The positions available are:

Vice President
Student Liaison
Special Projects Director
Web master (we really need this one to be filled. The talented Angela Grant
is graduating. Please check her hard work at to get an idea of
what this job would entail.)

Once we receive everyone's applications, we will send all of you the candidates' answers so that you can vote on who next year's officers will be. Please be prompt in your reply. We expect the results to be in by mid-May.

Thank you,

Amina Benchouia and Juhi Sonrexa

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