Thursday, May 04, 2006


Email from National Association of Hispanic Journalists

Below are some entry-level type newsroom job openings at newspapers that are involved in NAHJ’s Parity Project.

When it comes to TV, unfortunately, none of the stations involved in the Parity Project is in an entry-level type area. There’s KCNC in Denver (market #18), KNXV ABC 15 in Phoenix (market #15), WFLA in Tampa (market #13) and WPTV in West Palm Beach (market #39).

If you could please make college students (especially those who are about to graduate and are looking for that first full-time newsroom job) aware of these opportunities, that would be great!

Please also let them know that these jobs are posted on the NAHJ Parity Project JOBS page at:

And that they are updated weekly!


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